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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Will you trust God even when you don’t see where you’re going? - Daily Bible Reflections February 25,2014

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. – James 4:10
There they were, a panel of judges, looking at me from head to toe. “You desperately need a haircut.” “Your polo makes you look forgettable.” “Wear contact lenses instead.”
       I was at a professional development seminar and going through the roughest judgment of my life. Outside, I was smiling, but inside, I was dissenting. Suddenly, the emcee announced, “We’d like to surprise you with a makeover!”
       The next 30 minutes was the biggest (and fastest) transformation of my life! I fitted new clothes. Then I was given an eight-minute haircut. Finally, I was taught how to carry myself. Here’s the scary part: I was never allowed to look at myself so I was initially resisting the makeover.
       But when the doors opened, I stood there with my friends, awestruck. I walked in with a regained confidence that came from an openness to change and willingness to trust.
       God wants to do a makeover in our lives, too. He has prepared a whole wardrobe that will make us perfect in His eyes. But many times, we resist these changes. They seem too radical, too weird, too difficult. But are you willing to be a child and just surrender to His perfection and grace? Migs Ramirez (migoy3@gmail.com)
Reflection: Will you trust God even when you don’t see where you’re going?
Lord, pour Your grace upon me as I humble myself to see the new things You want me to experience each day.
Blessed Sebastian of Aparicio, pray for us.

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