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Friday, February 28, 2014

We are Christians in spite of our circumstances, not because of them - Daily Bible Reflections February 28,2014

We consider blessed those who have persevered... – James 5:11
Quality guru Edward Deming said, “Put a good man in a bad environment... The environment always wins.”
       The first company I worked for had a great culture. It treated people well. It was well organized, structured and systematized. As a result, I was excelling on many fronts. People said I was Mr. Cool... or at least I thought I was!
       Years later, I found myself in another big company but this time in a higher position with a lot more perks. I had a company car, a big office, a potted plant in my office, a secretary, managers reporting to me, housing benefits, the works! But I was unhappy. It was a toxic environment where people didn’t respect each other. I couldn’t function well. The once Mr. Cool was now Mr. Stress. And I was stressing out my staff too. My boss shouted, so I did too. He cussed and, shamefully, I occasionally did too. Thankfully, I got out of there — in location and hopefully in habit!
       So, was Deming right after all? In the absence of God’s grace, yes, definitely. But in the eyes of faith, it was an opportunity for me to prove my Christianity and God’s persevering grace in my life. To respond instead of react. To be peaceful amidst raging waters. To be Mr. Cool in spite of stress. Ariel Driz (adriz77@yahoo.com)
Reflection: We are Christians in spite of our circumstances, not because of them.
Lord Jesus, grant me the grace to rise up over my situation.
Blessed Daniel Brottier, pray for us.

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