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Saturday, October 3, 2015

What is your home in heaven like? Start building it today by doing God’s work - Daily Bible Reflections October 3,2015

“... Rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” – Luke 10:20
       I have a huge three-story Victorian style mansion with a magnificent view of the sea in front and a lush green forest leading to a mountain at the back. It has more than 10 suites, an Olympic-sized pool, a badminton court, and a gym. But my favorite room is the library that has every book ever published by man.
       But it’s not here on this Earth. It’s my home in heaven.
      What’s awesome about it is I’ll be able to spend every waking moment with the Lord when I come home to His Kingdom. I also believe that I’ll still be with my family and friends, and we’ll spend the rest of eternity living our dreams, worshipping the Lord, and living happily ever after.
       It’s not yet fully furnished and is still under construction, though. I believe that every act of kindness I do adds another brick in my mansion. Every time I serve, I add another tile or furniture. Every time I turn away from temptation, I add another room.
       Every act we do now echoes in eternity. If we follow the Lord, we make a home in heaven. At the end of our earthly lives, God will be standing by our front door. He’ll give us a big embrace and say, “You did a good job down there, child. Welcome home.” Karren Renz Seña (karren.s@shepherdsvoice.com.ph)
Reflection: What is your home in heaven like? Start building it today by doing God’s work.
Thank You, Jesus, for the gift of mercy and eternal life.
St. Mother of Theodora Guérin, pray for us.

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