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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Have you gotten tired of waiting? Stay faithful. Your miracles are on the way - Daily Bible Reflections October 20, 2105

And should he come in the second or third watch and find them prepared in this way, blessed are those servants. – Luke 12:38
       Paris Olympic Games, 1924. Bill Havens and the canoe racing team was sure to win the gold. But it became clear that Bill’s wife would give birth to their first child about the time that the U.S. team would be competing. In those days when there were still no jet liners, Bill found himself in a dilemma. Although his wife insisted that he goes to Paris and fulfill a life-long dream, Bill withdrew from the team. He believed this was God’s will. His family was more important. But Bill’s wife was late in giving birth. In fact, had he competed, he could have returned home in time for her actual delivery. But Bill had no regrets.
       Twenty-eight years later, Bill received a cablegram from the new canoe-racing champion of the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. His name: Frank Havens. Yes, Frank is Bill’s son. His message read, “Dad, I won. I’m bringing home the gold medal you lost while waiting for me to be born.”
       Friend, if you follow God’s will, if you stay faithful to what matters most, nothing is lost. Just wait faithfully and be ready to catch your miracle. Jon Escoto (faithatworkjon@gmail.com)
Reflection: Have you gotten tired of waiting? Stay faithful. Your miracles are on the way.
Father, give me the grace to stay faithful. Let me see beyond the visible and believe in the miracles to come.
St. Maria Bertilla Coscardin, pray for us.

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