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Friday, October 16, 2015

Are you afraid of the things you’re not sure about in your life? Offer them to God - Daily Bible Reflections October 16,2015

“Even the hairs of your head have all been counted.” – Luke 12:7
       Do you know of anyone who knows how many hair you have on your head?
       Imagine someone coming up to you and telling you he knows how many moles you have, how many teeth you have, how many hair you have, including those that fell this morning.
       Creepy… crazy... and cool! That means he knows you real well and is very much interested in you.
       Of course God knows, not only because He created you and knows every bit and part of you, but because He’s very much interested in you.
       That means you have nothing to hide and therefore can present your real self to Him — warts, scars and all.
       That also means He’s got you fully covered — from every strand of your hair to every burden and fear, hopes and dreams that you have.
       So sleep tight tonight even if you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.
  God knows. And that’s what matters most. Alvin Barcelona (apb_ayo@yahoo.com)
Reflection: Are you afraid of the things you’re not sure about in your life? Offer them to God. He knows. He’s in full control. Receive His peace today.
Dear Lord, grant me the grace to find peace and comfort in trusting that You are in control of the things that I am not. Amen.
Blessed Marguerite d’ Youville, religious, pray for us.

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