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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Daily Bible Reflections - June 27, 2012

“A good tree cannot produce bad fruit and a rotten tree cannot bear good fruit.” – Matthew 7:18
There was a time when my work schedule allowed me to watch only The 700 Club Asia and the late night news. In one episode of The 700 Club, I saw the testimony of a wayward child who was raised up by God-fearing parents.
I wondered what made her go astray even if she had wonderful and loving parents. It made me look into our family tree and wonder why it’s sometimes inescapable to have a black sheep in the clan, even if the children are raised by God-fearing parents.
After watching the show, it dawned on me that maybe it’s because of the gift of free will. Add to that the negative influence of peers, social networking, media, etc.
Even Lucifer was an archangel before he became Satan. He chose to become evil because he allowed pride, not love, to reside in his heart. Ems Sy Chan (havenofleeanne@gmail.com)
We are all destined to become good people. We are children of God after all. We should never let pride have a stranglehold in our lives.
Lord, help us choose good over bad at all times. We don’t wantto become rotten fruits thrown into the fires of hell. We want to choose life.
St. Cyril of Alexandrea, bishop and doctor of the Church, pray for us.

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