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Monday, June 18, 2012

Daily Bible Reflections - June 17, 2012

“A farmer planted seeds.... As the days went by, the seeds sprouted and grew without the farmer’s help.” – Mark 4:26-27
“We are never on holiday from our faith,” Fr. Steve Tynan once wrote. How true. Everything we do, say or think is like a deposit in a bank or like a seed that is planted. In time, it will yield an interest or a harvest. There is no such thing as “not counted,” like in kids’ play.
Everything we do produces a ripple effect in the sea of life. It may affect us or others whether directly or indirectly, whether we know it or not. Its effect may be positive or negative but for sure there will always be an outcome.
Take for example when children are rude or impolite. It embarrasses the parents and they wonder from where their kids learned it. Duh? Children are usually a product of their home environment.
Thanks be to God who gives us second chances. He allows U-turns. He provides a way out if we have planted some not-so-good seeds. So let’s take advantage of that chance before life declares: GAME OVER.  Ronna Ledesma (ronnaledesma@email.com)
Did you plant some bad seeds in the past that you want to uproot now? Do it while there is still time.
Father, may my children be a testimony of the seeds I’ve planted.
St. Joseph Cafasso, pray for us.

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