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Friday, January 6, 2012

Daily Bible Reflections- January 6, 2012

Little by Little

“Who indeed is the victor over the world but the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?” – 1 John 5:5

When 2011 was about to roll in, one of the news channels featured a scene in a market. The camera zoomed in on a buyer in the midst of various good luck charms. The buyer said, “Pampa-suwerte ito. Wala namang mawawala kung gagawin mo rin ‘to, di ba?” (This is for good luck. You won’t lose anything if you also do this, right?)
When a new year comes in, many line up, haggle and even quarrel just to get the right quantity of round fruits as well as the new year’s lucky animal.
Do we lose anything when we buy good luck charms and round fruits? Wikipedia writes, “God is most often conceived of as the supernatural creator and overseer of the universe.” So to the extent that we believe in lucky charms and other things that will bring us a better life, so we also lose — little by little — our wholehearted faith in God and His power over us. It may not seem so, yet looking deeper, we allow ourselves room for other “gods.”
As Christians, we should be moving towards greater faith little by little, not eroding it. And I think that’s a good new year’s resolution. Joy Sosoban (jsosoban@gmail.com)

How can I exercise my faith for it to grow? In what daily events can I exercise it?

Forgive me, Lord, for not trusting You enough. Enable me to grow closer to You.

St. Andre Bessette, religious, pray for us.

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