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Monday, April 30, 2012

God Whispers - April 30, 2012

There’s greatness in you. I see it in you because I put that greatness there. And even if you’ve messed up, listen carefully: No matter how big a mess you make, you can’t lessen My love for you. You cannot decrease it. You cannot subtract it. You cannot reduce it. Yes, you can prevent My love from entering your life by sin, but you can’t turn it off.
Always forgiving,
P.S. No amount of sin, no amount of disobedience, no amount of mess in your life can lessen My belief in you.

God Whispers - April 29, 2012

Creation reached its completeness when I created you. What emptiness there would have been in the world if you were not around. You don’t know how much happiness you give Me.
Still crazy for you,
P.S. Can I carry you away in My arms and dance with you until you get lost in Me?

God Whispers April 28, 2012

You came from my heart. The air breathed into your nostrils came from My very being. The first hands that held you close were Mine as I formed you after My own image. No other creation I’ve had was made with as much love. You are Mine.
Crazy for you,
P.S.  I love watching you the first moment you wake up. How I love how you look and it never fails to capture Me.

Learn to Live a Fantastic Life- Will You Break or Bounce?

Will You Break Or Bounce?
       Haven’t you noticed?
Many of your problems don’t disappear overnight.
Your pimples don’t disappear overnight. Your dandruff doesn’t disappear overnight.  Even your husband doesn’t disappear overnight (and reappear as John Lloyd).
Here’s the truth: Life isn’t a straight road. It isn’t a smooth path. In fact, life has many potholes. Small potholes, medium potholes, large potholes, and super, extra, mega, ultra, gigantic, humongous, massive, nuclear-bomb-crater potholes.
And when you fall into one of these gigantic potholes, you have a choice. You can either break. Or you can bounce.
       I’ve got news for you: God created you to bounce.
Some people don’t know this. So when they fall, they break. They stay down.  They give up. They throw in the towel. They quit.
Perhaps you’re having a hard time in your life right now. Perhaps you’ve been experiencing excruciating trials.  Perhaps you have many problems bullying you now.
Here’s my message—The harder you fall, the higher you bounce! Let me tell you why…
(To continue reading Bo's inspiring article, click here.)

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Daily Bible Reflections April 30, 3012

“You were a guest in the home of uncircumcised Gentiles, and you even ate with them!” – Acts 11:3
I’m privileged to be part of a caring group of Kerygma preachers and their wives. When I joined this group, I had been in the corporate world for almost 20 years and in business with my wife for more than 10 years.
While they gave retreats, I spoke in business seminars. While they counselled people to forgive, I asserted my opinions or even argued on how to handle difficulties in our organization. It was a totally different world from the one that my caring group moved in. It was easy for me to doubt if I was walking the right path with the Lord.
Peter must have had the same temptation when he was criticized for associating with the Gentiles. But God made it clear to him that He was expanding his mission field to include non-Jews.
Now it’s clear to me that I am as much in the forefront of ministry as my brothers who serve Him in a full-time capacity. I am in the middle of my mission field and I am called to witness in my worldly circumstances.
If you have decided to follow Jesus, you are in full-time ministry.  Ariel Driz (adriz77@yahoo.com)
Where is your mission field? Are you in full-time ministry?
Lord Jesus, help me to see the great big harvest for Your kingdom before me! Amen.
St. Pius V, pope, pray for us.

Daily Bible Reflections April 29, 2012

“We are God’s children...” – 1 John 3:2
It was an overwhelming display of God’s love.
This is how I describe my last few weeks in Port Moresby. I was ending my three-year stint in the city. I worked in a
secular job but I was active in Charismatic circles in the archdiocese, where I had the opportunity to preach the Good News.
During those years, my brothers-in-the-Lord in the archdiocese treated me with much love and adulation. They accepted me as their own.
At the last prayer meetings I attended in the different parishes, many were in tears when I announced that I will soon be leaving. Hugs, prayers, well-wishes and even gifts oveflowed.
I was with family.
When I rejoined the Light of Jesus Family in Manila, the same love and acceptance flowed. When members here learned that brethren from Papua New Guinea were coming for a conference in Manila, many came forward to help me host them.
How wonderful it is to be in God’s family! We are all indeed children of God! Danny Tariman (danny@dtariman.com)
Can you easily accept a person into your group? Are you able to give him or her the love that the Lord Himself gave you?
Father, forgive me for being cliquish. Use me as Your channel of love. Amen.
St. Catherine of Siena, virgin and doctor of the Church, pray for us.

Daily Bible Reflections April 28, 2012

A Few Good Men
There was a disciple named Tabitha; she was always doing good and helping the poor. – Acts 9:36
Tabitha is a little known character in the Bible. She is described in Acts as always doing good and helping the poor. Every time I read about her, I always recall an incident that happened to me 20 years ago.
I was riding the jeepney from work one night. Since it was late, the rides were full and the only way to go was via sabit (hanging on without a seat).
A gaunt looking guy with worn-out clothes and shoes offered to carry my back pack since I was struggling to hold it at the same time hanging onto the jeepney’s railing.
As we neared my stop, I offered him P50 for his kind gesture, knowing that he could use the extra money. He refused in spite of my insistence. Not everyone would have responded the way he did. Others would have taken the money and it would have been perfectly all right. But this guy genuinely wanted to help, expecting nothing in return. That generous act left a tremendous impact on my life, making me realize that there are still a few good men out there who, like Tabitha, always do good and help others.
I strive to be counted among the few good men. I hope you do, too. Erwin Roceles (erwin_roceles@yahoo.com)
When we help those in need, do we expect anything in return?
Lord, teach me to be generous. Teach me to serve You as I should. Teach me to give and not to count the cost. Amen.
St. Peter Chanel, priest and martyr, pray for us.

Friday, April 27, 2012

God Whispers April 27, 2012

I have a great plan for your life. I want you to aspire for greatness! Be the best that you can be. And earn as much money as you can. Why? Because it’s not for you! It’s to be given away. 
Blessing you,
P.S. Earn as much as you can so that you can give as much as you can.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Daily Bible Reflections April 27, 2012

Saul got up from the ground and, opening his eyes, he could not see. They took him by the hand and brought him to Damascus. – Acts 9:8
Being a single parent, my aunt immersed herself in being the breadwinner for her only daughter who led a somewhat wayward life. My aunt was the typical nominal Catholic who’d rather rest on a Sunday because she’d already spent six days working for long hours. She worked to the detriment of her health until she began to go blind.
She was so afraid of losing her managerial position in a large company that she resorted to prayer and attended The Feast even though it didn’t appeal to her.
I introduced her to Me-ann Tee of the Healing Ministry and joined in praying over  for her. She cried a bucketful of tears during the pray-over and surrendered her ordeal to the Divine Healer.
Guess what? My aunt was healed in less than a week! Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three are gathered in My Name, I am there among them.”
More than the tears that cleansed her soul and our powerful prayers, her faith had healed her. Ems Sy Chan (havenofleeanne@gmail.com)
Are you blinded by the mundane pleasures of life? Go back to the Source of Light and you will see clearly again.
Father, we know that You send those gargantuan problems so that we’ll be desperate for You. Take over our problems.
St. Louis Mary de Montfort, pray for us.

God Whispers April 26, 2012

Today let me use you as My instrument of love. Choose to speak words that upbuild others. Choose to lift your hands to comfort instead of to strike. Choose to walk the extra mile to bring My presence to someone.
Shine My Light,
P.S. You’ll be surprised at how much of a blessing you can be to the world if you just let Me use you.

Daily Bible Reflections April 26, 2012

“I will give... my flesh for the life of the world.” – John 6:51
Today is my son’s birthday. Other mothers would agree with me that it’s an amazing feeling to be able to deliver a gift from God and to know that this new life can change the world, mine at the very least.
It’s a cliché but it’s true: when you see your baby for the first time, the feeling is indescribable. All I could think of was how I’d do everything to make my son happy.
He has taught me a lot, too. I’ve learned to be more patient, and oftentimes he makes me see things from a different perspective.
Our children are blessings indeed. That is why it saddens me to hear news of abortion or abandoned newborns. For mothers-to-be, especially those who did not plan for the life that they carry in their wombs, do not think that your child will be a burden.
True, they can test your patience most of the time, but the happiness and love they give back is priceless. And who knows, your child may be an eminent leader of our nation or a great icon who will inspire generations to come. Mae Ignacio(maemi04@aim.com)
Are you worried about having a baby? Lift up your  worries to God and look forward to special moments with your child. You will be all right.
Lord, thank You for giving us the gift of life. May we guide our children that they may become blessings to others.
St. Pedro de San Jose Betancur, pray for us.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

God Whispers April 25, 2012

I am God. I choose how I speak to you and how to answer your prayers. Don’t limit Me in the way I answer you. Because I can use the most ordinary or the most out-of-this-world means to get My blessing to you.
Love You,
P.S. I can do immeasurably more than you can ask or imagine!

God Whispers April 24, 2012

Your tithe should be your first expense. That means the moment you receive your income, set aside your tithe and give it to Me.
Disciplining you,
P.S. Some people spend first and give to Me whatever is left. If you do that, nothing will be left. Put Me first and I will add everything else unto you.

Daily Bible Reflections April 25, 2012

Feast of St. Mark, Evangelist
So humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time. – 1 Peter 5:6
People in the community see Vince as a humble servant. He can serve on stage in front of the crowd and he has no qualms about serving in the background.
But Vince has a secret. He takes on lowly roles because he needs to show that he’s humble. His neediness is fed whenever people praise him for doing such “humble” acts. It makes him feel his worth and twistedly validates his virtue of humility.
He misunderstood the verse above, thinking he should do humble acts for God so that others may exalt him. But when his acts aren’t appreciated, he feels empty.
Years later, through caring group sessions with his closest friends, he recognized this underlying intention. He thought that people defined his worth by his family background, and because he came from a broken family, showing off humble acts recognized by others would elevate his stature.
Today he continues to take steps to acknowledge that his worth is rooted in being a child of God. He examines his intentions regularly whenever doing humble acts making sure it’s his expression of love for God regardless if he was praised for it or not.Carlo Lorenzo (carloflorenzo@yahoo.com)
“You know that our Lord does not look at the greatness or difficulty of our action, but at the love with which you do it.” (St. Therese of Lisieux)
Holy Spirit, help me discern my true intentions in everything that I do. Help me be a character of love so that I may show love whether in great or humble ways.
St. Mark, evangelist, pray for us.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Daily Bible Reflections April 24, 2012

“It was not Moses who gave the bread from heaven; my Father gives you the true bread from heaven.” – John 6:32
Your future is brighter than your past. God will provide.
I left The Feast with these words in my head. The talk revolved around not worrying about your finances because God would provide. (That God provides for our needs was not new to me, but for some reason I went home from The Feast a bit happier than usual.)
The next day, I received an e-mail from a friend, from whom I have not heard in a while. He asked if he could borrow money. He said he’d just lost his job, has a new baby and needs to pay his rent. It was not a small amount but it was something I had at my disposal. I was not sure if I should lend him the money but I remembered — God will provide! So, my friend and I met up and I wholeheartedly handed him the money.
Only then did I realize why I left the Feast happier than usual. It’s not because I knew that God would provide for me. That’s not new. I was happier because as God used Moses to give bread, God will provide for someone else through me.Pepper Bruce (pepper.bruce@gmail.com)
Have you been God’s hand today?
Lord, let me be an instrument of Your generosity.
St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen, priest and martyr, pray for us.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Daily Bible Reflections April 23, 2012


And his face appeared to them like the face of an angel. – Acts 6:15
The chapel at the Papal Nuncio in Manila is always immaculately maintained by nuns. But when Pope John Paul II stayed
there during his visit, the nuns were in a quandary. They couldn’t clean while the Pope was out because all of them invariably went with him, and once they returned, the Pope was always praying before the Blessed Sacrament.
They decided to solve the problem by waking up early despite their lack of sleep. The next day, at 4:00 in the morning, they opened the doors of the chapel... and found the Pope lying prostate before the altar, praying.
I remember the glimpse I had of the Pope while he was in the pope mobile. He must have been tired from a whole day of activities but his face radiated peace. More than that, I felt his peace settle in me, as if I had been touched by the hand of God.
We cannot give what we don’t have. To share the love of God, we have to bask in His love for us first.
Learn how to pray and receive His abundant love. Cecil Lim (cez_lim@yahoo.com)
“The connecting branch to the vine is prayer. If that connection is there, then love is there, then joy is there, and we will be the sunshine of God’s love.” (Bl. Mother Teresa)
“Come, Holy Spirit, guide me, protect me, clear out my mind so that I can pray.” (Bl. Mother Teresa).
St. George, martyr, patron of England, pray for us.

Daily Bible Reflections April 22, 2012

A Sudden Engagement
“Why are you troubled? And why do questions arise in your hearts?” – Luke 24:38
Have you ever experienced having mixed emotions because of an answered prayer? Do you remember why you were at a loss on what to feel at that moment?
“Behold, the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!” Like Jesus’ disciples, I was incredulous with joy and amazement as Fr. Jun Lingad read the Gospel. Did I hear him right? Seeing my boyfriend beaming from ear to ear, I concluded that I heard the Gospel loud and clear.
I was stunned. Just before the Mass, my boyfriend had asked me if he was already the bridegroom I was waiting for. He was referring to the title of a book I wrote before we met, When My Bridegroom Comes. I felt that it was too early to answer his question. So I told him that I would ask God first and pray for an answer, starting at the Mass we were about to attend. I didn’t expect that God would answer immediately.
Thank God for His grace that enabled me to overcome my doubts and embrace God’s perfect plan. The following day, my boyfriend and I got engaged. Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag (teregmps@yahoo.com)
Do I sometimes find it hard to recognize God’s answers to my heart’s desires?                                               
Lord Jesus, remove my doubts and help me see Your hand at work in my life.
St. Adalbert of Prague, pray for us.

Daily Bible Reflections April 21, 2012

“It is I; do not be afraid.” – John 6:20
What am I afraid of? I asked myself as I reflected on this verse. I couldn’t come up with an answer.
Maybe it was my pride or the thought of admitting that I was afraid of something (or someone) that prevented me from the truth. So I turned to the Lord in prayer and asked Him, “Father, what are the things that I am afraid of?” Here is what I sensed to be the Lord’s response to my question:
“My child, you fear failure. You fear that you will not have solutions to the problems of your family. You fear that you
may not be able to meet your goals, your aspirations. You fear you may not be good enough to be a wife and mother.”
There they were — the things I was afraid of but would not acknowledge, laid out before me by no other than God Himself.
I felt embarrassed for trying to deny my fears but thankful at the same time that the Lord, who knows me better than I do, made me confront my fears. I am thankful most of all for the promise He gave me: “Give all your fears to Me. I will take care of you. Believe. Do not fear for I am with you always.” Dina Pecaña (dpecana@yahoo.com)
What are you afraid of? Surrender all your fears to God. He is bigger than your greatest fear.
Lord, replace my fears with Your grace and Your love. Your perfect love casts out my fears. I receive that peace that You promise to give me as I ask You to still my troubled heart. Because You are with me, I don’t have to be afraid. Amen.
St. Anselm, bishop and doctor of the Church, pray for us.

Daily Bible Reflections April 20, 2012

“Gather the fragments left over, so that nothing will be wasted.” – John 6:12
“Can I have a box please?” I asked the crew at the KFC in Amsterdam. I had a leftover chicken leg and I wanted to take it home.
“You can’t do that here,” my sister said.
“Can’t do what?” I asked.
“Here in Europe, we don’t take home leftover food from restaurants,” she explained.
“Hey, this is the only KFC in this part of the world and it’s at least 150 miles from your place. I know it will be a while before I get to have another KFC chicken so I am taking home this chicken leg to savor later, no matter what!” I said.
Today’s Gospel reminds us of how much Jesus cares for us. He not only fed us with His words but also made sure that we are able to savor the “leftovers” of His presence, which we get to enjoy every day — healing, answered prayers, and many other miracles and blessings. He made sure that He leaves us with things to hold on to when we are faced with life’s difficult challenges. Nothing can be a more powerful reminder of His love than these tangible graces we encounter each day through sacraments and prayers.Jane Gonzales-Rauch (mgr516@gmail.com)
Every little blessing is God’s love overflowing.
Lord Jesus, let me experience the “leftovers” of Your mighty works each day. Amen.
St. Beuno, abbot, pray for us.

Daily Bible Reflections April 19, 2012

“But the wrath of God rests upon him.” – John 3:36
She was a victim of an agency that runs a prostitution syndicate. She thought she was going to work as a domestic helper in Manila. Trapped in a whorehouse for almost a year, she was three months pregnant when she managed to get away from the evil men who guarded her and several other women. She ended up in a church.
A nun learned of her story and brought her to a welfare agency. My blood boiled with rage at the perpetrators when she narrated how she was recruited in the province and how her poor parents were fooled into believing that their daughter was headed for greener pastures. I was outraged at how they threatened to harm her if she didn’t put up with the work of a prostitute.
It is of people like this that Mark 9:42 rightly says, “It would be better for [them] if a great millstone were hung around [their] necks and... thrown into the sea.”
So much evil is done in this world because there are people who refuse to see the Light.
May our lives combat their darkness as we seek to share Jesus to the world.Cristy Galang (cristy_cc@yahoo.com)
Am I aware of the evil happening in this world? How have I responded?
Help them, Jesus, help them. We pray for people who have refused to see Your Light while they still have a chance to turn around. Strike them with the spirit of repentance and save their souls. Amen.
Blessed Luchesio and Buonadonna, pray for us.

God Whispers April 19, 2012

I don’t want your sacrifices. What’s important to Me is what’s in your heart. I want you to know Me, not to study Me.
Crazy for You,
P.S. I’m not counting the number of prayer meetings you attend or the novenas you pray. What delights Me is when you love more because of all of these.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

God Whispers - April 18, 2012

Are you robbing me? Are you stealing from Me by not giving Me your tithe? I gave you everything. All I ask in return is 10 percent.
Cheering you on,
P.S. Giving 10 percent is just the starting point of grateful giving. As you learn to give 10 percent, I will teach you to give more generously.

Daily Bible Reflections - April 18, 2012

“Go and take your place in the temple area, and tell the people everything about this life.” – Acts 5:20
It was the day of the much awaited battle between archrivals Ateneo and La Salle. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get tickets. We couldn’t even watch it on TV because we were on the road traveling back from out of town.
 I asked my fellow Atenean in the car, “I wonder if we won?” He said nonchalantly, “I’m sure we didn’t. I haven’t received a text.” At the time, it was seldom that Ateneo triumphed over La Salle. So if they did, you’d surely hear that “the eagle has defeated the archer!”
That’s the nature of good news. It’s meant to be shared. It’s meant to bless people.
In the first reading, an angel instructs the Apostles to go to the temple and share the Good News. Today, this page is my “temple.” I wish I could tell you “everything about this life” — how I’ve been forgiven, healed, delivered and blessed. But I only have 200 words.
So, I invite you to look into your own life. Count your blessings. Then share your good news.George Tolentino Gabriel (george.svp@gmail.com)
What kind of news do you proclaim?
Thank You, Lord, for every blessing. May I not be ashamed to tell the world of Your goodness.
Blessed James Oldo, pray for us.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

God Whispers - April 17, 2012

Let love be the end all and be all of everything you do. When you find yourself in an irritating situation today, be patient and let that be your expression of love for me and for the others around you.
I love you,
P.S. There is no commandment greater than to love.

Daily Bible Reflections - April 17, 2012


“So that everyone who believes in me will have eternal life.” – John 3:15
In American football, if the quarterback throws the ball to one of his teammates, and the receiver caught it only with his hands and it falls to the ground, it is ruled as an incomplete pass. But if the receiver, with both feet within the inbounds of the playing field, caught the ball and hugged it closely to his chest for a number of seconds before he was tackled to the ground by his opponents and he loses the ball, he is declared to have possession of the ball. The receiver must demonstrate to have possession for it to be declared a complete pass.
The same is true with our faith. Anybody can call Jesus his Savior, sing about it every day or write poems about it. But unless he has a personal encounter with Jesus saving him, then the Jesus he knows will be no different than the icon on his altar. Oswald Chambers wrote, “Faith must be tested because only through conflict can head faith be turned into a personal possession.”
The faith that you have is your own. If you don’t have it, then you can’t share it. Only Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, can really make you believe the things written about Him at certain times in your life that He has appointed.Ronna Ledesma (ronnaledesma@email.com)
Always be excited in the midst of a trial because God is about to reveal Himself to you again in a different way.
My Jesus, there is nothing in this world that can ever steal from my heart the knowledge that You are my Shepherd.
Blessed Katéri Tekakwitha, virgin, pray for us.

Monday, April 16, 2012

How to Fight Temptation The Right Way

       Did you shake hands with someone today?
       If you answer “Yes”, let me ask you a disturbing question: Do you know what that hand touched before it touched you?
       Here’s a scientific fact: The hand you held probably contained millions of germs. I’m not joking. What kind of germs? The kind of germs that kills human beings. Every square inch of that hand was probably covered with layers upon layers of germs.
Here’s my question: Why aren’t you dying? Why aren’t you even getting sick? Everyday, you shake hands with people—and you seem to be okay.
Here’s the truth: Germs don’t cause sickness. (Germs are everywhere!) 
I know that’s a controversial statement, but it’s the truth.
So if germs don’t cause sickness, what does?
A weak immune system.
I’m sharing this to you today to make you understand what cases us to sin…
(To continue reading Bo's inspiring article, click here.)
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God Whispers - April 16, 2012

Today I will speak to you in many ways. Through creation, through people you will encounter, through things you will read or hear. Be sensitive to My voice and obey what I tell you to do.
I love you,
P.S. I speak My message to inspire, lead and guide you.

God Whispers - April 15, 2012

I want every area of your life — even your finances — to be under My lordship. Don’t let money become your master. I want you to be the master of your money — and turn it over to My purpose.   
Prospering You,
P.S. There are some Christians who don’t want to talk about money, so they run away from it. But when they do, their master becomes the lack of money.

Daily Bible Reflections - April 16, 2012

“You must be born from above.” – John 3: 7
“Alvin, are you saved?” A friend who said he was Born Again asked me this question decades ago. Indeed, he was a changed man and recited Bible verses every now and then.
I was then a newbie in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and I was a religion teacher, too. I truly felt, believed and experienced that I was saved — by the grace of God, as a renewed Catholic Christian. He wasn’t convinced that I was saved and pursued me relentlessly to become Born Again.
I sincerely believe that both my friend and I have been born again. But not only because of a ritual, seminar or affiliation to a group, although these greatly help.
I believe we should all be born again every day. We must be renewed and relive our faith on a daily basis. We shouldn’t bank on a ritual we had years ago or even last week. While that may have been a turning point in our life that became our “sacramental takeoff,” the grace we received there needs to be nourished every day.
Being born again in the Spirit is keeping that Spirit alive. It is opening ourselves every day to His love and mercy, direction and guidance, miracles and blessings.
Today, be born again! Alvin Barcelona (alvinbarcelona@gmail.com)
Find time to sit down and pause for a while. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, relax and receive the refilling of the Spirit in you. Feel the peace, the joy, the love, the renewal.
Come, Holy Spirit, renew the face of the earth as You renew me today.
St. Bernadette Soubirous, virgin, pray for us.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

God Whispers - April 14, 2012

Don’t think that I’m a killjoy when I lay down things that you should and shouldn’t do. Know that the boundaries I put on your freedom is not to curtail you but so you can enjoy your freedom to the max.

Your Redeemer,

P.S. Don’t forget that I died to set you free.

Daily Bible Reflections - April 15, 2012

And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all that there were no needy persons among them. – Acts 4:33-34
I turned on the tap and, to my dismay, all I got was the sound of silence. No gushing water, no dripping, not even a hopeful hiss of air to signify that something was coming.
I called the village association to ask if there was a water problem. None, they said. In the afternoon, our neighbors hosed their gardens while I struggled to wash my hands with the trickle from the faucet. We suffered for a few days with intermittent water supply until we discovered the problem. Dirt had clogged up our filter at the main pipe that brought water into the house. It just took the plumber a few minutes to clean out the sediment and water gushed once again.
The same thing happens in our spiritual life. Grace is available in abundance and yet it doesn’t seem to make its way into our lives. We watch, sometimes with envy, as others experience God’s favor, while our prayers seem to fall on heaven’s deaf ears. The blessings are out there but something is blocking it from flowing into our lives.
Is it sin? Complacency? A wrong mindset? Whatever it is, get the dirt out — whether through Confession, action or a change of mindset — so that blessings can gush in. Rissa Singson-Kawpeng (justbreatherissa@gmail.com)
“For it was I, the Lord your God, who rescued you from the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things.” (Psalm 81;10)
Lord, remove the obstacles that keep Your blessings from flowing into my life.
Blessed Caesar de Bus, pray for us.

Daily Bible Reflections - April 14, 2012

He appeared to them and rebuked them for their unbelief. – Mark 16:14
The layout of our March 2011 issue was almost done and I lacked two stories. One interviewee backed out, and the other one, who had previously agreed to have his story published in his community’s newsletter, didn’t want it to come out in Kerygma at the same time.
I browsed through my story bank and found one that would make a good replacement. And then through my network, I got another one, which I had to schedule for an interview. Unfortunately, he was a busy doctor and I couldn’t even get a phone interview.
I was on the verge of panic. But in my heart, I knew that things would fall into place, as it always did since I assumed the post of managing editor of Kerygma. Yet times like these made me resort all the more to prayer. In the silence of my heart, I heard God say, “Don’t you trust Me? I am in control.”
The next day, I received an email from another contact, referring me to a priest-friend of hers who, to my delight, was the best person to interview!
God is really in control — always — and unbelief should be out of the question. Tess V. Atienza (svp_tvatienza@yahoo.com)
How do you handle impossible situations? With belief or unbelief?
With You, Lord, nothing is impossible. Help me to trust in that truth always.
Blessed Peter Gonzalez, pray for us.

Friday, April 13, 2012

God Whispers - April 13, 2012

Starting anything new can be a formidable task. Starting all over again may be even more discouraging. You may think you don’t have the strength for it. You may think it’s not worth it. But never be afraid to start all over again. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.
Ready to Give You a Second Chance,
P.S. I’ll be there for you no matter what stage of life you have reached.

Daily Bible Reflections - April 13, 2012

Throw It to the Right
Jesus said, “Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.” When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish. – John 21:6
Conversion. This is a beautiful word but it’s fast becoming extinct. I believe it’s something all of us should work on.
Conversion is “throwing the net at the right side of the boat.” People would rather throw their nets at the wrong side of the boat — to go on living without changing for the better. Then they wonder why their lives become miserable.
Everyone must be converted: unto God, unto oneself, unto one’s family and friends. My friend Mahatma Gandhi (he
doesn’t know me but his wisdom equipped me for life) said, “You cannot succeed in one department in life while cheating on another; life is an indivisible whole.”
Internal conversion is personally redefining ourselves according to our true identity in Christ. In doing so, we are building a momentum of change. And as we are transformed in the Lord, hopefully, we are able to inspire others to change as well.
Go throw your net for a big catch… one fish at a time.Obet Cabrillas (kpreacherobet@gmail.com)
Have I been throwing my net at the right side of life?
Lord, let me reap a rich harvest for You!
St. Martin I, pope and martyr, pray for us.

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