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Friday, January 13, 2012

Daily Bible Reflections- January 12, 2012


Then he said to him, “See that you tell no one anything…” – Mark 1:44

Jesus told him not to tell anybody, but he went on and spread the word about the man who cured him. Well, why not? Good news must be shared, right? Little did the former leper know that what he did would cause some trouble, because Jesus could no longer enter a town openly after that.
We, however, have been told to proclaim God’s goodness. Have we done so? Maybe we haven’t received a miracle as grand as the leper’s healing but surely there are numerous small wonders in our day that we can speak of.
“I can just keep it to myself and simply thank God for it,” some would reason. But I have learned to brag about how good the Lord has been to me. Yes, you read that right. I said brag. I proudly share my stories of His goodness with friends and family because after all the bad things I had done in the past, He still blesses me with wonderful things. I want everyone to know how His love turned my life around.
Count the little miracles you receive daily, and proclaim it! You may just help change someone’s life. Nova Arias (nova.svp@gmail.com)
Are you brave enough to proclaim the Good News?

Lord Jesus, set my heart aflame that I may freely proclaim to the world how good You are.

St. Marguerite Bourgeoys, virgin, pray for us.

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