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Monday, April 30, 2012

Learn to Live a Fantastic Life- Will You Break or Bounce?

Will You Break Or Bounce?
       Haven’t you noticed?
Many of your problems don’t disappear overnight.
Your pimples don’t disappear overnight. Your dandruff doesn’t disappear overnight.  Even your husband doesn’t disappear overnight (and reappear as John Lloyd).
Here’s the truth: Life isn’t a straight road. It isn’t a smooth path. In fact, life has many potholes. Small potholes, medium potholes, large potholes, and super, extra, mega, ultra, gigantic, humongous, massive, nuclear-bomb-crater potholes.
And when you fall into one of these gigantic potholes, you have a choice. You can either break. Or you can bounce.
       I’ve got news for you: God created you to bounce.
Some people don’t know this. So when they fall, they break. They stay down.  They give up. They throw in the towel. They quit.
Perhaps you’re having a hard time in your life right now. Perhaps you’ve been experiencing excruciating trials.  Perhaps you have many problems bullying you now.
Here’s my message—The harder you fall, the higher you bounce! Let me tell you why…
(To continue reading Bo's inspiring article, click here.)

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