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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Who are the people in your life whom God is inviting you to love and care for? - Daily Bible Reflections October 25,2014

From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. – Ephesians 4:16
       I feel most loved when people around me give me feedback. I smile when it’s positive, and I reflect and try to change when it’s negative. But it’s different when this feedback is in the form of hearsay from people you least expect.
       A friend hesitantly approached me one day because he wanted to tell me about another friend named Jude, who spoke ill about me while the latter was getting drunk at a party. With a willingness to change, I listened to the story.
         Jude made fun of me and started to speak nasty things about me in front of the partygoers. I was hurt because he was a good friend, and worse, the others who heard it laughed at my expense.
         I felt deep sorrow for Jude. He needs love, compassion and deep acceptance, and even though it hurt, I clearly couldn’t turn my back on him. To this day, Jude and I are still buddies, but of course, I take precautionary measures to protect myself.
         We all have our own “Judes” to love. Isn’t that what God calls us to do — not to give up on our neighbor, despite their faults and imperfections? That’s why as Christ is the head, let’s build one another in love and compassion. Migs Ramirez (migoy3@gmail.com)
Reflection: Who are the people in your life whom God is inviting you to love and care for?
Jesus, teach us to do the same to the difficult people in our lives.
St. Antonio de Sant’Anna Galvao, pray for us.

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