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Friday, October 17, 2014

How much do you trust God’s Word? Do your actions show that you trust Him and His Word? - Daily Bible Reflections October 17,2014

For the Lord’s word is true; all his works are trustworthy. – Psalm 33:4
       “I will give to you, and your descendants after you, the land....” God used this verse from Genesis 17:8, featured in another Didache reflection entitled “This Land Is Mine,” to make a promise to me last year. Danny, the writer of that reflection, shared how he and his wife prayed for a property where they could build a home, how God led them to one that matched their requirements, and how God helped them buy the land even when at the start they didn’t have enough money to purchase it.
       I read his story at the most perfect time! I just visited a property that also matched my requirements — “peaceful, secure neighborhood and within walking distance to a church.” And my husband and I didn’t have money to buy the property, too. But God made a way for us to reserve the property and pay for the down payment in the months that followed.
         My heart was filled with praise and thanksgiving to God for His faithfulness to His Word. God said that He would give me and my family that land. That’s exactly what He did!
         Remembering this wonderful blessing from God makes my heart sing one of our favorite songs at The Feast: “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag (teregmps@yahoo.com)
Reflection: How much do you trust God’s Word? Do your actions show that you trust Him and His Word?
Lord, may Your Word serve as my life’s compass and anchor.
St. Ignatius of Antioch, bishop and martyr, pray for us.

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