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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Daily Bible Reflections - April 30,3013


Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid. – John 14:27
A few nights ago, my daughter got hit in the eye by the stick attached to a balloon she was playing with. We thought she was fine but a visit to the doctor revealed that she had a laceration on the cornea of her eye.
A few weeks ago, my parents were informed of an unusually high reading on their water meter. They discovered that an underground pipe was leaking and this resulted in a P52,000 water bill.
A few months ago, my dear Aunt Christine passed away. I never got to visit her while she was battling cancer. I deeply regretted not being able to tell her how richly she had touched my life by being the warm and thoughtful person that she was. I still cry each time I think of her.
Accidents, money problems, losing loved ones. Trials in many forms may come our way. But Jesus in the Gospel assures us that we need not be afraid. He gives us His Holy Spirit to overcome the adversities of life. He gives healing, provisions and turns our mourning into joy. When we look to Him and trust in Him, He gives us the peace that the world cannot give. Geraldine G. Catral (teachergeegee@yahoo.com)
Reflection: What areas of your life are needing peace right now? Surrender them to God!
Dearest Lord, fill me with Your Spirit. I claim Your peace in my heart, in spite of all the trials that may come my way. Amen.
St. Pius V, pope, pray for us.

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