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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Daily Bible Reflections - April 22,2013


“I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” – John 10:10
Babies have special powers to captivate anyone. They have tantalizing eyes that can melt you with their gaze. They have little cute noses whose sneezes can make you giggle. They have angelic smiles and laughter. They have an amazing appetite. (I always wonder how babies get chubby just by taking milk.)
What’s even more amazing is their capacity to love you back.
Through their little eyes.
Through their little smiles.
Through their little gestures.
Babies are living wonders because they never lose their sense of wonder. They are little packages of hope!
Pablo Picasso once said that every child is an artist. The challenge is how to keep this artist alive for the rest of your life.
Someone said that in heaven, there’s a sign that says: “For Children Only. Adults Not Allowed!”
You want to live life to the fullest?
Avoid childishness; practice childlikeness.
Because from a pure heart comes a full life! Obet Cabrillas (kpreacherobet@gmail.com)
Reflection: Are you childish and immature, or childlike and pure?
My Father in heaven, let me live like Your child here on earth.                                   
St. Adalbert of Prague, pray for us.

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