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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Are your talents dormant, or are you using them to glorify God? - Daily Bible Reflections August 19,2015

“Why do you stand stand here idle all day?” – Matthew 20:6
       Let me tell you the story of the writer who didn’t write. She’s been gifted with a vivid imagination and the talent to write it down into paper. She could capture emotions, memories, and ideas and turn them into poetry and prose. She could weave words into worlds.
       But she never really believed in herself. She took her talent for granted and hid it. She thought she could only come out and share her works when she had already won enough awards, or if she has already earned her Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature.
       But one day, God told her to use her talents to spread His Word and become His mighty pen. She remembered what Rolly España, council head of The Feast PICC, said: “When God calls you, just say ‘Yes.’ When He chooses you, He will equip you.” Today, her articles are published in Kerygma and FiSH, the award-winning magazines published by Shepherd’s Voice Publications. She has also written and published a book. God is using her to shine His light unto the world through the articles and stories that she writes. I am that writer.
       God gave us talents not for our own use, but for His glory. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re not good enough. He has already chosen you. Karren Renz Seña (karren.s@shepherdsvoice.com.ph)
Reflection: Are your talents dormant, or are you using them to glorify God?
Lord, here are my hands — use them. Here are my feet — lead them.
St. John Eudes, priest, pray for us.

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