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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Church is not a building; it is people building each other up - Daily Bible Reflections March 27,2015

And many there began to believe in him. – John 10:42
       I was blessed to join the Holy Land pilgrimage led by Bo Sanchez last year. There were the awesome sights and wondrous churches built on holy sites. We celebrated the Eucharist every day and worshipped with songs and praises.
       But I was most blessed by the people I was with during the trip. More than being in the places where Jesus walked, I experienced Him through new friends, mentoring opportunities from wise people, and through loving affirmation from fellow pilgrims.
       When we did the Way of the Cross in Jerusalem, I had to carry my heavy keyboard through all the stations so I could play during the Mass. My fellow pilgrims offered to help me carry my “cross” along the Via Dolorosa.
       Jesus spoke to me at that moment. He made me realize that I don’t have to go to far places to meet Him. Because it is in each other that we can experience Him as we bear each other’s crosses and help one another strive for holiness.
       This experience made me grow closer to Jesus, seeking Him not just in holy places, but seeing Him in the heart of every person I meet. Didoy Lubaton (christianlubaton@yahoo.com)
Reflection: The Church is not a building; it is people building each other up.
Thank You, Jesus, for sending people to help me with my crosses in life.
Blessed Francesco Faa di Bruno, pray for us.

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