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Friday, March 6, 2015

Do you do justice to the name “Christian,” which means “Little Christ?” - Daily Bible Reflections March 6,2015

They will respect my son. – Matthew 21:37
       I grew up in community. I started at age 12. By the time I was 14, I was already a leader. When I was 15, I held many responsibilities such as coaching groups of families for their action songs, leading worship, giving testimonies, etc. I became rather popular in the community. Thus, Dad often jokingly introduced himself as “the father of George.” I know he was proud of me.
       Today, it’s the other way around. I always make it a point to honor my dad by speaking and writing about him. I love being known as his son. He was amiable, kind to others, and generous in the true sense of the word. Such a loving man. I can only hope that people will respect me the same way they respected him. That’s why I strive to be more like him.
         When we reflect our parents’ attitude, we also inherit how people regard them. In the same way, if they are respectable people, they can be confident that their children will be respected as well for the name they carry.
       I wonder how many people hold Christians in high esteem because of the name they carry. Or better yet, do they bring honor to God, their Father, by the lives they live? Now, before we start thinking of priests and other people at the pulpit, let’s ask ourselves this question first. George Tolentino Gabriel (george.g@svrtv.com)
Reflection: Do you do justice to the name “Christian,” which means “Little Christ?”
Lord, continuously make me more like You.

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