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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How you relate with your own family reflects how you relate with others - Daily Bible Reflections January 27,2015


“Who are my mother and my brothers?” – Mark 3:33

       When I was young, I’d always get sick. But each time it happened, I’d always have my personal doctor on call — my mom. She always attended to my needs and made me feel safe and secure. Despite her busy schedule as a physician, she never left the house without first giving me the attention and comfort that I needed.
       As I grew older, I got the chance to observe directly how she relates to her patients. And I discovered the secret why they love her and remain loyal to her.
       She takes care of each patient just like how she would take care of me. She treats each one like she would her own child, sibling or parent. For her, everyone deserves the same concern and empathy.
       Now that I’m following her footsteps as a doctor, I aspire to do the same — that every patient God entrusts to me, I will take care of like family. Didoy Lubaton (christianlubaton@yahoo.com)

Reflection: How you relate with your own family reflects how you relate with others.

Lord, may I see family in everyone I meet, and may they see You in me.

St. Angela Merici, virgin, pray for us.

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