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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Even before I fall, please remind me, Lord, that You died for me - Daily Bible Reflections January 13,2015

... Jesus, crowned with glory and honor! – Hebrews 2:9
       It was only when I was walking the streets of Jerusalem, going through the motions of carrying a cross just like Jesus did many years ago, that I realized how lowly Jesus was here on earth.
       Jesus, the King of all Kings, being whipped and laughed at while carrying a cross. He submitted Himself to be scourged, abused and crowned with thorns for one purpose: to save me.
       And here I was stepping on those cobbled stones, trying to imagine Him suffering for me. It was surreal.
       Tears fell from my eyes as I saw Jesus with His wounds. But when we reached Golgotha, the site of His Crucifixion, I began to smile.
       Because in my heart and in my mind, I saw Jesus crowned with glory and honor!
       He redeemed me.
       He redeemed the world.
       Thank You, Jesus, for suffering for me because now I am saved. Chelle Crisanto (ellechmaria@yahoo.com)
Reflection: The scene at the market is chaotic. Soldiers are cursing, pushing a Man to carry the wooden cross. Did those soldiers know that the Man they were punishing was the King of the Universe?
Even before I fall, please remind me, Lord, that You died for me.
St. Hilary, bishop and doctor of the Church, pray for us.

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