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Saturday, October 26, 2013

There is a thin line between obedience and trust in everything we do - Daily Bible Reflections October 27,2013


The Lord is a God of justice, who knows no favorites. Though not unduly partial toward the weak, yet he hears the cry of the oppressed. – Sirach 35:12-13
It is often said that it is easier to surrender your life to God than to surrender your wallet. A person will consecrate himself when he is touched by a moving worship song but may struggle when the love offering basket comes. Just like the rich young man who obeyed every law since he was a child. He couldn’t obey that one thing he lacked to have eternal life: to give up his riches.
       You see, surrendering your wealth is not about obedience. It’s about trusting.
       That’s why tithing is a sacred act. You shouldn’t tithe because your elder tells you so. You tithe because you’re declaring: “Lord, I’m trusting You to provide me with what I don’t have yet by giving you what I have right now.”
       That’s when something becomes sacred — when you turn over to God what is yours. There’s not much return of investment if you are merely being obedient. But when you give because you trust Him, the returns are out of this world. Ronna Ledesma (ronna_ledesma@yahoo.com.ph)
Reflection: There is a thin line between obedience and trust in everything we do.
Abba, Father, let not my trust in You waver or falter when I am in need.
Blessed Bartholomew of Vicenza, pray for us.

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