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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Think hard about this fact: Trials and pains are necessary in our lives - Daily Bible Reflections December 17,2014

... and peace abound, until the moon is no more. – Psalm 72:7
         This magnificent sight gave me a practical lesson in life. The famous Blue Mountains of Australia are blue — not poetically but literally. At a scenic point in this mountain range, I marveled at its unique spectacle. I found out that the mountains were filled with gum trees, the leaves of which koalas feed on. These trees emit a vapor which gives the mountains its azure shade in sunlight.
       There is another thing about the gum trees that I took interest in: their seeds. I learned that these seeds pop open when exposed to extreme heat, like a forest fire. In fact, when a forest fire breaks out, it revitalizes the whole mountain because more seeds pop open and new gum trees are born.
         Such also is life. Sirach 4:2 says, “In fire gold is tested,” meaning we need to go through trials or “fire” so that our values are enhanced. Trials, like forest fires, give new life and strengthened endurance. Through trials, we discover that there is a God who is faithful. When the tests and trials come, we have peace and will have the boldness to declare that we have a God who is greater than our trials! Rolly España (rolly@homeliving.com.ph)
Reflection: Think hard about this fact: Trials and pains are necessary in our lives.
Jesus, Your grace is all that I need. It is more than sufficient for me.
St. Lazarus, pray for us.

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