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Monday, December 22, 2014

Hold on to God’s promise and never doubt that He always delivers - Daily Bible Reflections December 22,2014

“The Lord has filled my heart with joy; how happy I am because of what he has done!” – 1 Samuel 2:1
After years of frustration, Hannah’s prayer for motherhood has finally come to pass. In the Gospel, a pregnant Mary rejoiced with her long-barren cousin Elizabeth, who was also with child. These stories speak strongly to me and my wife.
       Three years ago, our prayer for parenthood had been granted. After failing a fertility procedure and being told there was no way for me and my wife to get pregnant naturally, we found ourselves with child. It was truly a miracle. And when our doctor was calculating the date we conceived, we found out that it happened on December 25, 2011— a Christmas gift indeed. But after eight weeks, the heartbeat of our child suddenly stopped. No reason. No explanation. The miracle was over. The gift that was given was suddenly taken away. “Why?” This question haunted us for a long time.
       But the Lord has promised me that I am destined to be a father. And I am holding on to that promise. And I know, without a speck of doubt in my heart, that I will be proclaiming the same prayers that Hannah and Mary offered God. Orange V. Garcia (orange_garcia@hotmail.com)
Reflection: Do you have a dream that has not come to pass? Do you have a blessing that was suddenly withdrawn from you? Hold on to God’s promise and never doubt that He always delivers.
Lord, teach me to be grateful for the life You have given me — including the frustrations and imperfections. Teach me to continue to believe.
Blessed Jacopone da Todi, pray for us.

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