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Friday, December 19, 2014

A saint once said, “Trust your God, He doesn’t lose battles.” Today, allow your God to win the battle for you - Daily Bible Reflections December 19,2014

But the angel said to him, “Do not be afraid, Zechariah, because your prayer has been heard.” – Luke 1:13
       One day, I received a text message from my leader in our prayer community. It said, “Would you like to give the talk this Sunday?” Suddenly, my heart pounded, my stomach churned, and my mind went haywire! Almost everything in me said: “Noooo!” I was taken over by fear. All my “what if’s” and “yeah, but’s” came to mind. But despite these fears, I heard myself replying, “Sure! It’s an honor and privilege.”
       The day came. As I began the talk, I imagined the audience saying, “Who is this person? Why should I listen to him?” But I went on despite the seemingly unsuccessful battle within me. I felt that whatever was negatively affecting me was less important than the message I wanted to share. By the end of my talk, I saw hands in the air, tears in some eyes, and voices proclaiming praise to our God. The Lord won the battle for me.
       As we anticipate Christmas, put yourself in the shoes of the Father who had to let go of His only Beloved Son to save the world. I would be afraid to send the one I love to go through pain and suffering. But for God, it was love, not fear, that made Him go all the way for you and me. Jonathan Yogawin (jyogawin@gmail.com)
Reflection: A saint once said, “Trust your God, He doesn’t lose battles.” Today, allow your God to win the battle for you.
Lord, grant me the discernment to know Your will, the humility to accept it, and the courage and strength to do it.
Blessed Pope Urban V, pray for us.

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