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Monday, December 15, 2014

“He guides the humble in righteousness, and teaches the humble his way.” (Psalm 25:9) - Daily Bible Reflections December 15,2014

Make known to me your ways, Lord; teach me your paths. Guide me by your fidelity and teach me, for you are God my savior... – Psalm 25:4-5
Have you ever felt like everything was just coming to you left and right all at the same time? When your to-do list seems never-ending and your pending box is piling up to the moon?
       Earlier this year, I had a week like that. I was swamped with so much to do for work and ministry and I felt like I was drowning in a sea of deadlines. To top it off, I even had a talk to prepare for that Sunday. I was overwhelmed, stressed and desperately trying to balance everything on my own. Then a Voice from above spoke to my heart. “Stop trying, start trusting.”
       Quickly, I realized that I was trying to do things my way and on my own ability. I was reminded not to rely on my own strength and understanding, but rather to trust and lean on God’s limitless ability. Thus, when I began to put my faith in Him rather than in myself, I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. Eventually, the self-imposed pressure subsided and I was able to accomplish all my deliverables successfully. Mike Viñas (mikemichaelfcv@yahoo.com)
Reflection: “He guides the humble in righteousness, and teaches the humble his way.” (Psalm 25:9)
Father, teach me to live by Your ways. Amen.
Blessed Mary Frances Schervier, pray for us.

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