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Monday, December 22, 2014

Are you facing a tough decision? Seek His kingdom first - Daily Bible Reflections December 21,2014

“Go, do whatever you have in mind, for the Lord is with you.” – 2 Samuel 7:3
“I cannot control everything. I can only choose to trust that the Lord will take care of my children wherever they may be.” Such were the words of the man whom I now call my father-in-law. Both his son and daughter (my wife) left for abroad after college to pursue further studies. I asked him if he ever got worried about them. That was his reply.
       My sister has just left for a three-month fellowship program in Poland. The hospital happens to be in a rough area and she’s the only Filipino doctor there. We don’t have any friends there, either. At first, I was a bit hesitant and, admittedly, a bit scared. But I chose to embrace my father-in-law’s mentality and entrusted my sister to the Lord’s care. More than physical safety, I know she will make the right decisions because her conscience has been formed through years of serving God with my family. Life is full of decisions. We will all have to go down different paths. No matter what choice we make, if we have made God the Lord of our lives, I’m confident we’ll be alright.
George Tolentino Gabriel (george.svp@gmail.com)
Reflection: Are you facing a tough decision? Seek His kingdom first.
Lord, guide me in everything I do.
St. Peter Canisius, priest and doctor of the Church, pray for us.

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