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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Close your eyes. See your dreams fulfilled. Capture that image. And make that your vision of hope - Daily Bible Reflections August 6,2014

Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord
His face shone like the sun and his clothes became white as light. – Matthew 17:2
       In one of the retreats I gave for a graduating high school class, I did something that gave a big boost to the students. Some were afraid of not graduating, so I held a mock graduation ceremony. I called their names one by one, made them come up to the platform, handed them a “diploma,” made them bow and shake the hands of their teachers and classmates who lined up to congratulate them. I even had the Aida March playing all throughout.
       It felt so real to them that almost everyone cried. “Their faces shone like the sun and their clothes looked as white as light.” It was a “vision of hope” that gave them resolve to finish what they had started, and for their teachers and classmates to help them more.
    And what do you know? All of them did march on their actual graduation day, just as we had done at their retreat.
       Jesus is the Master of giving hope to others. When He transfigured before His key Apostles, He was giving them that much needed vision of hope, something that they could hold on to when trials and sufferings came.
       See Jesus. And get a vision of your hope! Alvin Barcelona (apb_ayo@yahoo.com)
Reflection: Close your eyes. See your dreams fulfilled. Capture that image. And make that your vision of hope.
Dear Lord, as I go through my challenges in life, I fix my eyes on You and see the wonderful vision of great things to come in my life.
St. Hormisdas, pope, pray for us. 

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