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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What sign will you show Jesus to tell Him that you really love Him? - Daily Bible Reflections February 25,2015


“…no sign will be given it…” Luke 11:29

       I once heard this story about a priest.
       During his ordination, right before he marched to the altar to give his final vows, he uttered a prayer to the Lord to give him a sign if He really wanted him to be a priest. He asked for the sign of white flowers. But as he marched, he only saw red flowers. He was expecting that the sampaguita (white flower) girl would enter the church as she usually does. But that day, she wasn’t around.
       The ordination continued. Still, there was no sign. When he prostrated himself for his final vows, the Lord spoke to him. “You are looking for a sign? Before you were born in your mother’s womb, I chose you. When many of your seminary friends were leaving the seminary, I gave you the strength to continue. Do you remember? Some priests and bishops said you were not fit to be a priest. But now you are the only one to be ordained from your batch. And yet you still ask for a sign? Now, I would like you to give Me a sign!”
       Today this priest, Fr. Alex Balatbat, is one of the most loved priests of our time. Arun Gogna (gognuts@yahoo.com)

Reflection: What sign will you show Jesus to tell Him that you really love Him?

Lord Jesus, may I be a true sign of Your great love for mankind.

Blessed Sebastian of Aparicio, pray for us.

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