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Friday, February 13, 2015

Reflection: Reading the Bible is my source of strength and is also my “stick” — my conscience - Daily Bible Reflections February 13,2015


Then the eyes of them both were opened... – Genesis 3:7

      One big message. This is the gist of a talk or the point of a story when a preacher delivers his message at The Feast, our weekly prayer meeting.
       One day, I was talking to a young lady who was dressed like her idol, the singer Lady Gaga. She had her neckline almost reaching her navel, with breasts half-exposed, in tight and skimpy pants, and hips swaying on tightrope in her four-inch heels. As I spoke to her, I looked straight to her eyes and not at all at what she was wearing. But I noticed she kept clutching at her neckline, trying to pull it up to cover her breasts, and at the same time wriggling her body so I wouldn’t see her skimpy pants.
       My eyes were fixed on her face as we conversed. When we ended and I began to move away, she held my hand and said, “Tita, I’m sorry. I promise to look more decent.” I smiled, squeezed her hand and said, “You are beautiful. God bless you.”
       I did not criticize or looked at her disdainfully, but being nice and unmindful of her indecency was my one big message. Chelle Crisanto (ellechmaria@yahoo.com)

Reflection: Reading the Bible is my source of strength and is also my “stick” — my conscience. As I read it, the dos and don’ts are well embedded in my conscience.

Lord, help me to walk the right path, to open my ears and listen toYour Word. And may I do what’s most important: to follow You.

St. Giles Mary of St. Joseph, pray for us.

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