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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Has your communion with God brought you real peace in your heart? - Daily Bible Reflections February 21,2015

You shall be like a watered garden, like a spring whose water never fails. – Isaiah 58:11
       I rushed to my aunt as I entered the hospital room. She was in a wheelchair, her feet wrapped in a shawl to keep her warm. She had been watching over her husband in the hospital. He was diagnosed with cancer a few years back and was seriously stricken with pneumonia as 2014 rolled in. He was in the intensive care unit for two or three days, then was moved to a regular room because the doctors said there
was nothing more they could do for him.
       I was half-expecting that my aunt would be desolate. She herself was partially disabled because of a hip injury. But when I hugged her and saw her face, I saw only peace.
       It was the same peace that I saw the next night at her husband’s wake. No trace of loneliness, no sign of sadness on her face. She seemed to be at peace with God — no matter what happens around her.
       And then I realized why. In the province, she is considered the “magdadasal” (intercessor) in her parish and neighborhood. Neighbors often call her to lead prayers for their sick members, the dead, and so on. Her constant communion with God in prayer must have given her that peace — just like a watered garden. Tess V. Atienza (theresa.a@shepherdsvoice.com.ph)
Reflection: Has your communion with God brought you real peace in your heart?
Lord, I long to have Your peace. Draw me closer to You each day.
St. Peter Damian, bishop and doctor of the Church, pray for us.

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