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Saturday, February 7, 2015

How do you balance your work and your need for rest?- Daily Bible Reflections February 7,2015

“Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” – Mark 6:31
       There was a time when my involvement in our Catholic community took three to four days of my week. I had a career as a a full-time engineer and had no time for other things, but I was extremely fulfilled.
       But the Lord pulled the plug and allowed me to step back from ministry for a time. It was a painful time for me — a “wilderness experience.” I soon found myself on the way to the picturesque deserts of Sedona and the Grand Canyon. I felt the Lord say to me, “The desert can be beautiful!”
       When my consulting business was picking up, I would speak 15 to 20 days in a month. I’d never worked so hard but I was enjoying every minute of it. But my blood pressure shot up and I started coughing. I took prescribed medicines and high-end supplements. They worked, but what really made me feel better was an out-of-town trip with the family to celebrate the birthdays of my wife and my sister. God used the beach, sand and fresh air to drive my sickness away.
       The Lord values rest and balance. Work has value, especially when we are fulfilling our mission, but more than work is the value of our fellowship with God as we rest in Him. Ariel Driz (adriz77@yahoo.com)
Reflection: How do you balance your work and your need for rest?
Lord Jesus, I desire to experience You in a deeper, meaningful way despite the busyness and pressures of work. Amen.
St. Colette, pray for us.

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