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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stop a while and remember God’s goodness to you. Breathe in His love - Daily Bible Reflections February 9,2015


They laid the sick in the marketplaces … and as many as touched (the hem of his garment) were healed. – Mark 6:56

       The lowest points in my life will later see the most glorious rejoicing. I remember tearfully praying inside the comfort room while hiding from a relative out on a violent streak looking for me. That paved the way for me to move to Manila and be of service to God’s people.
       On another occasion, I remember crying many nights over a real estate investment we had that was burdening us financially. The eventual sale of that property enabled us to make an important investment for our future.
       It is in weakness that power reaches its perfection (2 Corinthians 12:9). Our weakness is God’s weakness, for He is the most loving of fathers. He cannot turn away unmoved when we beg Him in brokenness. He brings healing when we are wounded, rest when we are tired, solace when we are downhearted.
       Strive to regularly recall His goodness to you. And rest in humble confidence in the Heavenly Father’s constant love and care. Joy Sosoban-Roa (jsosoban@gmail.com)

Reflection: Stop a while and remember God’s goodness to you. Breathe in His love.

Dearest Lord, I rest in confidence of Your constant love for me. I love You, too!

St. Jerome Emiliani, pray for us.

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