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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections

September 28, 2011

The emperor gave me all I asked for, because God was with me. – Nehemiah 2:8

Tired and hungry from a Sunday service, my friend Nell and I went to a restaurant to eat. I wanted to eat kare-kare or lechon paksiw but she suggested toho steak, which was also delicious. I gave in to her suggestion.
The next day, guess what my viands were? Surprise! Surprise! We had kare-kare and lechon paksiw! My sister said that her friend gave us the kare-kare and our eldest sister gave the lechon paksiw.
I got teary eyed. I so appreciated God’s provision. I didn’t even pray for them. It was just a teeny-weeny, unimportant desire I had that I could have let go easily.
But God noticed it. If He did that, how much more with the big needs I have? If He had given me this very simple provision, how much more with the things I really need?
This further strengthened my belief that God is always with me. As I yield to His will in my life, He watches over me and provides what I will need, even the tiniest ones I have. Ma. Luisa A. De la Cruz (ma_luisa2004@yahoo.com)
Do you believe God will provide Your greatest needs? What do you need now that you want to ask from Him?

Dearest God, I entrust to You my daily needs. I believe that You will take care of me.

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