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Friday, September 2, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections

September 1,2011

“Put out into deep water and lower your nets for a catch.” – Luke 5:4

For 30 years, the Light of Jesus Family was trying to catch more fish. Patiently. Faithfully. Obediently. But there was a time when no matter what we did, we weren’t growing in number.
Sometimes, I wondered if God was just calling us to do media work, as this was being blessed. But Light of Jesus itself was stagnating. Don’t get me wrong. Our caring groups were strong. And our chapter meetings were tight. But why weren’t we growing in number by leaps and bounds?
And then a breakthrough happened. It was like we turned a corner and KABOOM! We knew who we were and what we were called to do. With this new direction, we dared to put out into the deep.
We opened more satellite Feasts in different places. And people flocked and grew in number.
It was like an explosion.
The message: Don’t give up when nothing seems to be happening. Just continue lowering your nets even in places where a catch doesn’t seem likely. And then wait. God will do the rest. Bo Sanchez (bosanchez@kerygmafamily.com)
Are you reaping any harvest for your efforts? Are you fulfilling your dreams? If not, continue planting. Harvest will come.

Lead me, Lord, to the path of abundance and fruitfulness in my life.

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