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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections

September 26, 2011
Do it Anyway!

“There was a man who had two sons. He went to the first and said, ‘Son, go and work today in the vineyard.’ ‘I will not,’ he answered, but later he changed his mind and went.” – Matthew 21:28-29

I had a fever, had no money, was under persecution and, worse, I was spiritually dry. Then the phone rang. A friend in need asked, “Pray for me, I’m sick and I have a job interview tomorrow.” Moved, I prayed for her. Another called up, “I need two million pesos this week! If I don’t pay my clients, they will sue me!” Left with no choice, I prayed for her. The third caller related how his co-leaders slandered him. He was also at the height of his spiritual dryness. Again, I prayed for him.
I said, “God, are you joking? Each of them represents my immediate need. Lord, meet their needs… uh, and mine?”
After two days they all called up again. One said she was healed and got the job. The next said that a relative from the US paid a big debt he owed him and a long lost client paid the remaining sum. The third related that he and his co-leaders reconciled and his spiritual dryness was over.
All of them got their prayers answered, except me!
What helped? An unselfish loving prayer. I later got my healing and graces, though — after a friend prayed over me! Obet Cabrillas (kpreacherobet@gmail.com)
Were there times when you were tempted to delay a good deed?

Lord, even when I hesitate to obey You, grant me the grace to eventually do what You want.

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