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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections

September 22, 2011

Consider your ways! – Haggai 1:5
A friend once said that we continuously attract the situation we are in because of the habits or patterns that we have. Jack Canfield wrote an interesting formula in relation to this: OUTCOME = EVENT + REACTION (O=E+R).
In the formula above, the outcome of any situation is within my control since my reaction is totally up to me. Events are not within my control but my attitude and actions toward it dictate the result of the situation.
At times, I would get annoyed when a vehicle would cut me from out of the blue. I’d take my imaginary gun and shoot his tires and bring him to submission. Sometimes I’d chase him and would give him the stare. If I don’t shift my thinking, chances are, the rest of my day gets ruined because of a petty event.
The Scripture in Haggai may have been directed towards the Israelites in building the temple. However, the principle of “considering our ways” applies even to the smallest situation in our life.
God’s grace is there to empower us to respond positively instead of reacting to external happenings that may disturb us. Spending time alone with Him in prayer allows us to access this grace as we ponder on these events.Ariel Driz (adriz77@yahoo.com)
Do you spend time to consider your ways in His presence?

Lord Jesus, thank You for being always present when we approach Your throne of grace. May we prioritize time with You above all each day. Amen.

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