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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections

September 8, 2011

Keep your minds fixed on things there (in heaven), not on things here on earth. – Colossians 3: 2

“I’m sorry, Lord. I spend more time with my family — talking, eating, playing together — than on my prayer time with you.
I waste more time with friends, with brothers and sisters in community, listening to their needs and building them up than on reading the Bible.
I think of our businesses most of the time — of how to serve our clients more with excellence and love and of how to uplift the lives of our employees — more than I contemplate on the mysteries of the faith and teachings of the Church.
I’m sorry, Lord. I built a house here on earth and filled it with joy and love. I should focus more on my home in heaven. I am concerned with day-to-day things. I even have a car that brings me to people in different places, and a cell phone and a laptop to keep in touch with them. I am such a worldly man. Forgive me, Lord.”
Know what? I hear my God telling me: “My son, you are concerned with worldly things but when you bring my love in what you do, you bring heaven closer to you and to others. Keep it up, my child!” Alvin Barcelona (kpreacheralvin@gmail.com)
Are you concerned with worldly things for their own sake? Or are they your means to bring God and heaven closer to you and to others?

Dear God, let my worldly concerns be ultimately focused on heaven — on You — as the main reason for it all.

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