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Saturday, September 12, 2015

The earth may shake but no magnitude can topple you when you stand on solid ground - Daily Bible Reflections September 12,2015

That one is like a man building a house, who dug down deeply and laid the foundation on rock. – Luke 6:48
       I rent out my modular skateboard and BMX ramps. It’s used for BMX and skateboard stunt demos for product launches, TV commercials and competitions. When I acquired those from a friend’s abandoned skatepark, I told myself that I would use it for the greater glory of God.
       One day, I got an inquiry from a woman who needed it for a product launch. She wanted a full set-up. Without asking what their product was, I told her it was P350,000 per day. She said they’d rent it for two days. All of a sudden, I heard the sound of cash registers ringing in my head. That was a clear P700,000 paycheck for me. It was a big amount of money that I badly needed that time. I was about to seal the deal when I asked what product it was for. The lady proudly said, “We’re launching a new flavor of our famous condom collection.”
       I was stunned. I’m against the use and promotion of contraceptives, condoms and other things that suppress life. I immediately thought of losing a sure P700,000 but I kept my faith and rejected the lady’s offer. She asked me to reconsider by offering a higher fee. But I stood firm and didn’t exchange my values for a big amount of money. Monty Mendegoria (montymendegoria@yahoo.com)
Reflection: The earth may shake but no magnitude can topple you when you stand on solid ground.
Jesus, be my strength amidst all trials. You are the rock of my salvation.
St. Ailbhe, pray for us.

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