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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The alabaster jar can only release its fragrance if you break it open - Daily Bible Reflections September 17,2015

Now there was a sinful woman in the city who learned that he was at table in the house of the Pharisees. Bringing an alabaster flask of ointment. – Luke 7:37
       To possess an alabaster jar of ointment meant only one thing: you’re rich. In those days, it was worth a year’s salary, like around US$20,000! It was so valuable that it usually served two purposes: as a dowry to anoint your husband with on your wedding night, or as a security for one’s future. For this woman, who was most probably a prostitute, having an alabaster jar filled with expensive oil was most likely her most treasured possession in the whole world.
       Her act of breaking the jar at the feet of Jesus is like what the widow did when she gave her last coins in the temple. By breaking her alabaster jar, this woman gave up not only what could have been her dowry, but also her financial security for her future. She laid it all at the feet of Jesus and received something far more valuable than security.
       What’s so valuable in your life that you can’t give up? An alabaster jar of a career, a dream, a love, a resentment or unforgiveness? Only when we can break it open at the feet of Jesus can He turn it into something beyond our wildest dreams. Ronna Ledesma (ronna_ledesma@yahoo.com.ph)
Reflection: The alabaster jar can only release its fragrance if you break it open.
Abba, continue to break every thing in me that refuses to surrender to Your Kingship until I am totally Yours.
St. Robert Bellarmine, bishop and doctor of the Church, pray for us.

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