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Friday, May 8, 2015

Observe how your loved ones express their love. Return the favor in the same way - Daily Bible Reflections May 8,2015

“This I command you: love one another.” – John 15:17
       I express my love for Gina, my wife, by kissing, cuddling and holding her hands. Gina thinks: “Cheesy!” She enjoys doing these things with me: house chores, going to the grocery or walking in the park. Me: “Zzzzzz.”
       I expected her to be more “touchy” with me. She wanted me to spend more quality time with her.
       While Gina and I had no serious issues, there was a strain in our relationship back then. We thought that our own personal expressions were automatically appreciated by the other.
       We now know that our love languages differ. She has since learned to hold my hand and sit really close to me. I now think of things we could do together. It’s hard work but the rewards are much greater.
       We follow God’s command to love, but often do it the easy way: our way. Many relationships fail because love is often miscommunicated. Love is expressed and understood in different ways. Do not insist that yours is the only correct way. Try expressing it in the language understood by the other person. It will take a lot of sacrifice on your part, but it’s all worth it. Jun Asis (mabuting.balita@gmail.com)
Reflection: Observe how your loved ones express their love. Return the favor in the same way.
Lord, make me more loving towards others. Help me express my love in the way they understand it, even if it means putting effort and much time into it.
St. Peter of Tarentaise, pray for us.

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