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Friday, May 15, 2015

Is your life messed up and too complicated? Simplify it. Go to Jesus! - Daily Bible Reflections May 14,2015

Feast of St. Matthias, Apostle
“It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name he may give you.”– John 15:16
       Our Mediterranean cruise was cancelled two weeks before its scheduled sailing. All our other bookings for airlines and hotels had been put on hold. What made it complicated was that we had two minors traveling with us who were not related to us and whose parents had gone ahead. Documentation changes would be impossible. We just said we will travel in faith and prayed for our situation.
       Our Schengen visa warned that entry could be denied if our original European entry point is changed. Because of the cancellations, we had a different country as our entry point.
       Nevertheless, we were able to complete the trip on a different cruise ship without a hitch. Later, a friend told us that they were
denied entry in Venice, our original port of entry, because they were very strict with travelers who were with unrelated minors.
       In hindsight, we likened our experience with our life journey. Cruise controls in cars make it easier to travel long distances. When we journey through life, we can trust that our Cruise Control, our Lord and Savior, will make our way smooth. Rolly España (rolly@homeliving.com.ph)
Reflection: Is your life messed up and too complicated? Simplify it. Go to Jesus!
Jesus, You are the wind beneath my wings that make me soar over difficult situations.
St. Matthias, Apostle, pray for us.

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