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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Daily Bible Reflections - May 23,2013


“If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. Everyone will be salted with fire.” – Mark 9:43, 49
One day, I was so ashamed to pray because I had offended God with the same habitual sin I had previously confessed.
       Then I read a book saying that habitual sin is like a sickness. It must go through a process of healing. One should focus on the growth process rather than his present state of imperfection.
       Having this in mind, I looked at my past state when I began my habitual sin, then at the times I repeatedly committed it, until that day when I did it again. There was a big difference. Because I had grown in my love for God, I strived harder and harder to cut off this sin. I was more ashamed when I committed it. Through His grace, its frequency lessened.
       Right now, God has freed me of this sin. Honestly, it’s a painful, humbling process, like going through fire that burnt away my skin-deep pride and selfishness. But it’s worth going through for the love of God.
       Temptations are always present, but we need not give in to them. We can cut them off by avoiding occasions of sin. It may be hard, but our determination to love God more gives us the strength to endure. Ma. Luisa De la Cruz (theessence_byluisa@yahoo.com)
Reflection: Look into your heart. What habitual sin needs to be cut off in your life? Bring them to God.
Dearest Lord, here I am, help me to be freed from my sin. Strengthen me with Your love.
St. Felix of Cantalice, pray for us.

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