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Friday, December 2, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections

December 2, 2011

And their eyes were opened. – Matthew 9:30

Have you ever met someone with a victim mentality? Here’s a sample of his script:
I am not good enough because I don’t have a job.
The most important person in my life left me and I feel so empty.
I can’t fulfill my dreams because I don’t have business skills.
Familiar lines? I should know. I used to say them a lot. It was like groping through a dark room looking for a match without realizing that there was a wall switch.
Too many times I failed to recognize that I am much more capable of landing a job that will make use my core competencies, more deserving of a relationship that is based on healthy self-love, forgiveness and respect and more intelligent to learn new skills to make my dreams a reality.
Too many times I have been blind to the truth that my reality is a product of my beliefs, and that I am responsible for creating the world that I put myself into, and that I can create the life that God originally intended for me. For His glory. For His kingdom.
Today’s Gospel tells us how Jesus opened the eyes of two blind men into a new reality — a world of abundance, healing and love. Reden Cerrer (redcer@yahoo.com)
What areas of your life need to be freed from blindness? Let Jesus touch your eyes so you can see the reality that the Father has created for you.

Open the eyes of my heart, O Lord, so that I may also bring to You those who need Your healing.

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