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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Daily Bible Readings - December 7, 2011


“Come to me, all of you who are tired... and I will give you rest.... Take my yoke...” – Matthew 11: 28-29

“My heart is restless until it rests in thee,” St. Augustine writes. How true! And the rest that we find in the Lord is the real one.
How do you picture rest? Sitting lazily in a sofa or lying flat in bed? A one-hour Swedish body massage or a VIP spa treatment? Checking in at a five-star hotel or going for a grand vacation in Boracay?
Truth is, you can do these things and still end up bothered and troubled. Somehow, after the long sleep, the special treatment, the grand vacation — you’re still restless! Why? Because you’re still carrying your yoke.
On the contrary, I’ve seen really busy people yet they don’t get tired. Because their hearts are at rest! They’re not exempted from problems. They, too, have their yokes to carry. But they’re not burdened with its weight because they’ve come before the Lord, and have replaced their yoke with the one God gives them.
God never promised that you won’t be without problems. But He said if it is His yoke that you carry, you will have rest.
Come to Him. Trade your yoke for His. And find that real kind of rest you need.Alvin Barcelona (kpreacheralvin@gmail.com)
Do you feel heavily burdened by the yoke you’re carrying? Whose yoke is it? Do you want to trade it with God’s yoke today?

Dear Lord, I take Your yoke — of love, of service, of righteousness, of holiness — today. And I receive the rest that You give me. Amen.

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