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Monday, December 12, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections- December 12, 2011

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Spirit –filled

The spirit of God came upon him, and he gave voice to his oracle. – Numbers 24: 2-3

Years ago, we conducted a weekend Life in the Spirit Seminar for school personnel. I was assigned to give a sharing on Day 2. As it was my first time, I prepared by praying intensely and writing down my talk.
My care group head, Myrna, gave her sharing on the first day. Her delivery was flawless and touching. She didn’t even have notes to look at! After her talk, I asked her to coach me.
That night, I practiced. But all my preparations seemed useless: my delivery was awful, my tongue tripped over words and I forgot some points.
The next day, I was a bunch of nerves. I told my co-facilitator to just read my notes if I faint. At my pre-talk pray over, I surrendered completely to the Holy Spirit. When the mic was handed to me, I felt a strange calm — as if my body with all its jitters went to sleep and a divine power took over. I delivered my sharing smoothly, glanced at my notes briefly and felt the words flowing out of my mouth. It was an exceptional experience — like being slain in the Spirit and speaking in tongues rolled into one. Lella Santiago (mirellasantiago@yahoo.com)

Let go, let God, let good rule your life.

Spirit of God, take control of me.

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