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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections - December 18, 2011


“Thus says the Lord: Should you build me a house to dwell in?” – 2 Samuel 7:5

After I resigned from an auditing firm, I applied in one company where the starting salary was high and the benefits were good. Weeks passed but I didn’t get a call from them. So, I decided to apply in a bank.
The salary offer didn’t impress me so I tried to negotiate. Although I didn’t get the starting salary I wanted, I accepted the offer and got a job as an audit supervisor. During my first year, I was promoted to officer level and received three salary increases. I was promoted several times more in my 10-year stay there. My friend who worked in the other company for several years told me that she still hadn’t received a salary increase nor a promotion.
David wanted to build a “house” for the Lord because the ark of God dwelt in a tent. But God said no. Although He turned down David’s request, He promised to continue the “house” of David forever, which He fulfilled through the coming of Jesus Christ.
God said no to my desire to work in the other company because He had something better in store for me.
When God says no to our plans, let us trust that He knows what’s best for us. Judith Concepcion (svp_jmc@yahoo.com)
When God says no, do we use the other opportunities He gives us or do we insist on having it our way?

Lord, grant me the grace to be sensitive to Your leading, and then to follow You.

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