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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections

November 6, 2011

She hastens to make herself known in anticipation of men’s desire. – Wisdom 6:13

As I write this, I am amazed at how God has continued to use me in unexpected ways — mostly to meet other people’s needs.
At a time when there was not even a hint of publishing non-book products, the idea of an inspirational perpetual calendar popped into my head. A few months later, the idea was put to good use when our company president asked us to think of other products to sell. With Bo’s approval, the idea turned into reality.
Another time, I got a call from one of our counselors. A counselee wanted to apply as a writer in our publication. We weren’t hiring, so I just told her to let the person send in her resume. A few weeks later, I overheard our events organizer and her boss discussing about a need to hire a marketing person. Suddenly, I remembered the person, whose redentials met their needs. Last I heard she’s about to start working for our events group.
There have been numerous instances of this kind in my life. Call it serendipity, but I believe the Holy Spirit knows what God’s people need even before we’re aware of it, and uses other people to channel His help. Tess V. Atienza (svp_tvatienza@yahoo.com)

How open and sensitive am I to the leadings of the Holy Spirit?

Lord, make me more sensitive to Your promptings in my life. I offer myself to be used as a channel of Your help for other people.

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