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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections

November 5, 2011

“You justify yourselves in the sight of others…” – Luke 16:15

Being a part-time student, I miss out on a lot of school interactions — both official and the ones organized by my classmates. This also means that I do not get to hang out often with classmates (other transferees but full-time students) whom I got close to. Many times I cannot relate with their discussion because I already missed out on most of them already.
Once, we were asked to group ourselves and I had to join another group because the number of members per team was limited. Though it made me feel let down and overlooked, I had to convince my classmates (and myself) that I was OK. I even rationalized the situation by just thinking that I didn’t even expect to be part of the team from the start. My rationalization enabled me to participate in my assigned group and the feeling of being left out was gone by the time our task was done. In the process, I made new acquaintances.
This is only one of those instances when, I must admit, I mask my true emotions just so everything seems OK. It may not seem the most honest thing to do, I think it is necessary to do that at times, so that we can move on and not remain disheartened. God knows our intentions and He can still make us emerge better persons in trying situations. Mae Ignacio (maemi04@aim.com)

Do you have feelings that you keep from others? That is OK; lift them to God. He knows best how to make you feel better.

Father, You know my deepest desires. I lift them all to You.

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