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Friday, July 29, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections

July 28, 2011

Moses did everything just as the Lord had commanded. – Exodus 40:16

Freddie, a veteran pair of scissors, was boasting to Gary, the new scissors in their parlor, “I’m the best scissors! I can cut beautifully! Customers are always satisfied!” Gary was just quiet.
A customer came in. The hairstylist picked up Freddie and started cutting hair. Freddie was so proud of himself that he would cut as he thought fit. This gave the hairstylist a hard time. It came to a point that the hairstylist put down Freddie and picked up Gary to continue cutting hair.
Gary let the hand of the hairstylist move and use him the way he wanted. The result? A satisfied and smiling customer! Gary knew one thing: the stylist is his master. Without him he can’t do the job right, so he does as the stylist commands. Which one do you want to be as you live your life? The proud Freddie or the humble Gary?
God is our Maker and Master. Without Him and His Wisdom, we can’t live our life with satisfactory results. Like Gary, we should do just as God commands us in living our life. Ma. Luisa A. De la Cruz (ma_luisa2004@yahoo.com)
What areas of your life do you need to surrender to God so He can work on them?

Dearest God, here I am. Change my heart and use me as You desire.

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