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Monday, March 10, 2014

“I’m only human.” Do you use this line to justify your choices that run counter to the Lord’s ways? - Daily Bible Reflections March 9,2014

First Sunday of Lent
Then the spirit led Jesus into the desert. There he was tempted by the devil. – Matthew 4:1
Unplanned, unexpected and painful describe my departure from the company I served for 20 years. It came after being awarded a high performance incentive, at the heels of the fruition of a dream project, and just 18 months short of a tax-free retirement. Leaving was a choice between gainful employment and keeping my sanity and soul.
       Ten months have passed and already feeling the strain of unemployment, an unexpected job opportunity came. During the interview, I was told that the company’s employees should be like entrepreneurs, willing to do anything and everything to meet its objectives. The interviewer went on to cite a situation when they had to bribe an official to facilitate an important transaction. “Everybody is doing it and it’s part of the game,” he said.
       The chance for a senior level and high-paying position with expatriate status was very tempting to pursue since I was nearing the end of my patience and resources. But I didn’t take the job. I may reach rock bottom before that elusive job comes, but I will not be lured into putting my values at stake. Marie Franco (mariefranco_pie@yahoo.com)
Reflection: “I’m only human.” Do you use this line to justify your choices that run counter to the Lord’s ways?
Lord, give me the strength to ward off temptation and remain faithful to You.
St. Frances of Rome, religious, pray for us.

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